Stony Brook Medicine
Remote Access Instructions

Stony Brook Medicine operates a secure network encompassing the following locations:

• Hospital
• Health Sciences Center
• Basic Sciences Center
• Ambulatory Surgery and Ambulatory Care Pavillion
• Technology Park
• Dental School (South Campus)
• Remote Clinics

If you are outside the Stony Brook Medicine campus and wish to access secure network resources within the organization, you will need to use a method of “Remote Access.”

Stony Brook Medicine Network Services has designed two (2) methods of secure communications that allow access to the Stony Brook Medicine protected network. Either of these methods will require you to have a valid UHMC Domain Account. If you are a vendor, you will also need to complete the request for Remote Access Privileges. This can be accomplished by visiting the Stony Brook Medicine Help Desk website at:

Please select the appropriate option below for more information and instructions.

Virtual Desktop Interface

Cisco AnyConnect VPN

IMPORTANT: As of February 11th, 2015, the latest Microsoft update KB3023607 has affected Cisco AnyConnect. Please go to the following links for a workaround to this bug:



Last updated: February 16, 2015
By Stony Brook Medicine Network Services